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The Background

Most tipping/form services use the same sort of information.  Data such as recent placings, jockey, trainer, weight, barrier, track conditions etc so the form and tips you receive are all very similar.  At All the Form we take a very different approach.  We just look at every race a horse has run in for a certain period and compare that with other horses in the field.  It's performance on the day that counts and we strip everything back to what actually happened in a horse's previous starts.

The system looks across vast amounts of data and distills the best few horses in any race.  If you are infrequent punter then this simplifies the betting for any race, For experienced punters you can take this form and overlay on to it  the usual information about barriers, weight jockeys etc and get an additional edge.

How it Operates

You provide an email address and each day of the week you will receive an email which provides the horse racing form for each race of the day.  Here is an example of actual form for Pinjara on Sunday, 15th March 2009.

All the Form
Results (assuming boxing and multiple bets)
  1 TEEZINIZE (100)
  15 PRAWNEE (92)
  13 AUDREY ROSE (90)
Winner was 15 paying $21 at UniTab
Quinella of 15 and 13 paid $211 at UniTab
  7 RUSSIAN TO WIN (100)
  8 ANNAPA (90)
Winner was 7 paying $6 at UniTab
Quinella of 7 and 2 paid $174 at UniTab
Trifecta of 7,2 and 9 paid $930 at UniTab
  1 MASTER TENBY (100)
  13 SPECIAL KIWI (95)
  8 NURSE BETTY (93)
No winners
  2 BLACK PRINT (100)
  5 TEN NO TRUMPS (96)
  4 TEN ACES (90)
Winner was 2 paying $6 at UniTab
Quinella of 2 and 4 paid $28 at UniTab
Trifecta of 2,4 and 5 paid $483 at UniTab
First Four of 2,4,5 and 6 paid  $7819 at NSW Tab

You can then make your betting selection based on recent performance or add your own criteria for that extra edge


Here is the acual strike rate for the system over the last 5 years.  If you can't believe it is that good then sign up for the free trial and see for yourself.

Over all races 68% of winners are in top 4 system picks
  For races up to 12 horses 70.2%
  For races up to 11 horses 72%

Trifectas in the top 4 system picks – 16%
  For races up to 12 horses – 18%

Trifectas in the top 3 system picks – 5.9%
  For races up to 12 horses – 6.7%

Quinellas in top 3 system picks – 22%
  For races up to 12 horses – 24%

Quinellas in top 2 system picks – 9.7%
  For races up to 12 horses – 10.6%

No Obligation

For a limited time we are offering a free trial.  After that we will still keep the cost low but reasonable at just $3 per week or as low at $1.33 per week if you purchase in advance. At anytime you can opt-out.  There is nothing to lose from trying the system.

Free trial - click here, you can opt out at anytime.


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$3 a week? That works out to be LESS THAN 1c per race! – HIGH QUALITY FORM practically FREE!!!

The artificial intelligence engines we have bred are at the cutting edge of current thinking – to our knowledge no-one has replicated our unique combination of analytics and applied these theories  to horse racing to date.

Through the use of enormous computing power we can apply this methodology to 99% of ALL RACES IN AUSTRALIA – That’s right, every race, (Mt Isa, Bunbury, Caulfield, Darwin, Lismore, Gawler etc etc etc) you name the meeting and we will be covering it.

 An average 70% WINNING strike rate from top 4 picks anyRACEanyWHEREanyTIME (*for races  with 12 horses or less)

 Have you seen what the strike rates are for tipsters in the papers!!!  - We back our form against any tipster head to head – prove us wrong and we will refund your subscription in full

 Bet with the confidence of a local ‘in the know’ on ALL RACES in Australia (*subject to data availability)

Please note in extreme circumstance coverage may not apply eg 3 horse races or maidens with no previous starts... We have the history to prove the system but as experienced punters know previous history is no guarantee of future results.